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  • Adam Demamp Camp posted 1308 days ago

    Adam Demamp Camp

    hey nigga

  • Ryan Simmons posted 1311 days ago

    Ryan Simmons

    You need a picture.

  • Shaq Thompson's Virgin Wood posted 1317 days ago

    Shaq Thompson's Virgin Wood

    Yeah DJ's athletic ability is unparalleled. I don't know that I've ever seen a 7 footer get up and down the court like he does. Collison has filled in very well for Bled at the backup PG position...actually better in terms of numbers. My thing is Bledsoe brought a level of excitement to the Clippers that few other PG's in the league can bring. The way he approached the game was viral. He was a momentum changer, and his ceiling is ridiculously high. Collison will still get better, but Bled has the potential to be a top 3 PG in the game. You can't be more right about Dudley. I remember he was solid in PHX. The other night he took a jumper from the elbow vs OKC, and the damn ball hit the backboard and shot back like a missile. We're talking about a 12 foot open jumper that almost broke the rim or nothing. I think it's all in his head. He has been better from 3 of late, but the Clips need a lot more out of him. Big Baby has shown some signs of life too. I hate that damn "I smell a fart" face he makes though when he doesn't get a call. Being realistic, I don't think the Clips are ready just yet. I honestly think they are neck in neck with OKC in terms of being "ready". Not to say they can't win it all, but defense has to be damn near perfect, and they have to get solid shooting from Crawford and Collison on that 2nd team. The starters can play with anybody, but they need production from the backups. You're right about the backcourt being small though. With Doc's tutelage, their rotations make up for a lot of the size issues, but they do need a lockdown defender on the perimeter. That's where Bledsoe for Afflalo would've been nice. You'd know more about KG than I would, and I didn't know about the move from 4 to 5. I watched a bit of the Knicks/Nets game last night, and KG seems to have indeed lost a step. He seems like the guy that is going to have a hard time riding that downhill slope. His competitiveness will make it a rough ride. As for the draft...I did indeed forget about Utah, and who knows what can happen in the last few games, but Ainge will make magic in '07. I like Jefferson, but that deal got you a title.

  • Squidward Tentacles posted 1321 days ago

    Squidward  Tentacles