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  • Wi-Yeng Chen posted 1306 days ago

    Wi-Yeng Chen

    herrrrroooooo andrew

  • Red Devil Woman posted 1312 days ago

    Red Devil Woman


  • Red Devil Woman posted 1315 days ago

    Red Devil Woman

    Lol I'd like to cast a shock spell on this chick Nattie who is indirectly attacking me , VKAt and your brother.

  • Red Devil Woman posted 1319 days ago

    Red Devil Woman

    True. No more frostbite spiders.

  • Hawks Red posted 1321 days ago

    Hawks Red

    yeah ive heard of him. actually googled him a couple of days ago because of you.

  • Hawks Red posted 1322 days ago

    Hawks Red

    do you even know who tupac is?

  • Long gone posted 1323 days ago

    Long gone


  • Long gone posted 1324 days ago

    Long gone

    My god how did this start in the first place lol

  • Edward Morris posted 1324 days ago

    Edward Morris

    Agreed. He lost as soon as he started the gay jokes.

  • Hawks Red posted 1324 days ago

    Hawks Red

    you are afraid of the mountain of dick im about to shove into your mom