Nesta Marley

Nesta Marley


I grew up in Madrid, Spain and I'm a huge fan of Real Madrid. When I moved to the states, I became a fan of the teams that exhibited greatness over their counterparts. That simply means Real, The Arizona Wildcat Men's Basketball Team, The Green Bay Packers, and the 1990's Detroit Redwings. I hold allegiance to certain professional players, but all other organizations with the exception of the aforementioned 4 listed esteemed programs are all 3rd rate Organizations that are run by nit wits, and half breeds. I enjoy midget spotting, shooting bengal tigers, and arm wrestling one-armed dwarfs and women. My favorite sporting event to bet on is the Special Olympics.

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  • shawn combs posted 3021 days ago

    shawn combs

    when will Ron's injury become a big concern to you?

  • Eric Flaxman posted 3185 days ago

    Eric Flaxman

    I read them. Thanks for the constructive criticism. I haven't had any time to respond to them but I will as soon as I get a chance.