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An unemployed teacher and adamant club thrower, my passion is following baseball despite having only a handful of career at bats outside of high school P.E. I am a baseball fan first, a Bisons fan second and an Indians fan through association.

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  • Nathaniel Stoltz posted 3136 days ago

    Nathaniel Stoltz

    Haha, I just got sick of only writing in one niche (Stats of A's minor leaguers), so I'm gonna be off and on around here writing about other stuff (like the two articles I wrote today, which you should totally check out) that interests/confuses me.

  • Nathaniel Stoltz posted 3136 days ago

    Nathaniel Stoltz

    Hey man, what's up?

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3154 days ago

    L.J. Burgess


  • jonathan staub posted 3254 days ago

    jonathan staub

    Hey Brandon

    sorry this took so long to get to ya. I definately agree with you though. There is absolutely no question that the biggest problem with this steroid situation is the way it was handled. The NFL handles things the way they should be handled. I will say that I think one of the main problems that baseball had in dealing with the steroid era is that it helped the sport more than anyone wants to admit. After the strike shortened season, as well as the severe popularity hit baseball took, there is no question that the McGwire Sosa chase revitalized the sport and the long balls definately brought fans back to the game.

  • Richard Marsh posted 3255 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    Most Bleacher Report writers know Dominick DiFucci. I have asked him to help me organize a fantansy baseball league this season made up of Bleacher Report writers. This could be a blast. If you're interested in joining send me your email address and we will contact with the details. The format has not yet been established and we encourage your suggestions. Also spread the word to people you know on the site as well. It could be an awesome league. I'm a novice at this but Dom is the shits. He knows this stuff inside out and forwards and backwards. Contact me at Do it ASAP. Thanks.

  • Don Spieles posted 3295 days ago

    Don Spieles

    That's for the fav vote on my Rickey Henderson piece. I appreciate it.

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3295 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Just checking for your take on Rickey asking Ricky to introduce him at the HoF ceremony.

    I found...nothing!

    Surely something Rickey said, or mis-quoted Rickey as saying about Rickey, caught your attention over those 40+ years in Baseball? Yes?

  • Bob Miles posted 3298 days ago

    Bob  Miles

    I just read the article on BP and was quite impressed. I look forward to reading yours as well. I have been doing some research to write a similar article but just havent been able to find the time to actually put the article together. To be clear on my viewpoint, while I would support a cap if they could pull it off, i kind of support it tongue in cheek. I think it is a ridiculous proprosal more because of the lower salary teams reluctance to raise than the larger salary teams(Yankees) to come down.

  • L L posted 3301 days ago

    L L

    Hey Brandon,

    I'm sorry. I should've been more specific, but I was tired yesterday! What I meant by paying attention to names was that "LeBron James" was written as "LeBron Jame". Overall, you did a great job, so keep up the good work!


  • Emily Fowler posted 3302 days ago

    Emily Fowler

    No problem...maybe I'm confused. Was the whole article a direct quote?