Matt Malepeai

Matt Malepeai


I've been watching MMA and pro-wrestling since 1993 because my dad thought it'd be a great idea to expose a 3 year old to gratuitous amounts of violence as soon as possible.

Highlights of my year in MMA:

-Meeting Big Nog and Wanderlei at the UFC 114 Fan Expo. Somehow the three of us got into a conversation about Brazilian Top Team and I apologized to Wandy for not being as big of a Chute Boxe fan. They both started laughing, Wandy hugged Nog, Nog pulled me in for a photo (yes his grip is that hard), Wandy almost cried when I told him how my best friend plans to name his son Wanderlei, they both waved to me while I was walking over to get Matt Serra's autograph, and I almost passed out.

-Bumping into Josh Barnett in Vegas and talking about how I hate everybody who's given up on him...ever!

-Talking with King Mo' about Fedor possibly losing by first round submission to Werdum, then watching it happen the next night

-Being at UFC 117

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  • Josh Benjamin posted 2440 days ago

    Josh Benjamin

    Hey Matt-

    Thanks for the comment! You make some good points. As good as those fighters are, I wanted to go with some definitive household names. As much as I love Fabricio Werdum, not many people know him unless they follow MMA religiously, as you clearly do.

    I read some of your articles and you have some great things to say. Keep it up!