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  • Brit Milazzo posted 3219 days ago

    Brit Milazzo

  • Nathan Bitner posted 3305 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Hey "Give 'em Hell", just a reminder that if you want to participate in this week's conference rankings, please leave a list (comments completely optional) either on my profile or email to nathanmedic2003[at] by 7 am tomorrow morning.

    Same deal as last week ... you can rank up to ten, but don't feel that you have to go up that far.

    Thanks for participating last week -- we had 11 last time and a few more have expressed interest, so I'm hoping to get it up to 15 this week. =)

  • Nathan Bitner posted 3311 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Thanks for posting your rankings ... glad you decided to participate. It's almost impossible to rank 10 conferences if you're not REALLY keeping up w/ things, so I appreciate you taking it as far as you did. Lots of people are stopping at top-5 or 6 or 7, so don't worry about that.

    I hope we get as many to do it as Jameson does for his rankings; that is what will make it most valid (among fans, anyway) ... right now, I have two Big East, two ACC, one Big 10 and one Pac-10 participant(s), so hopefully that will help balance it out too.

    Thanks again and good luck to your Devils! (the Sun kind, not the Blue kind, of course ... heh)

  • Nathan Bitner posted 3311 days ago

    Nathan Bitner

    Hey man,

    I've decided to go ahead with the idea for doing a compilation of people's conference rankings. I'd love to have you participate if you're interested! The article about it is at

    and you can email me your rankings at (or just leave them on my profile). Ideally, you can submit a top-10, but it's perfectly acceptable to submit a top-5, top-8 or whatever you're up to. Feel free to let me know what you think, and I hope you'll weigh in!

    The Pac-10 needs some representation! By the way, nice win over BYU -- that was a big one for the Devils!

  • Brit Milazzo posted 3451 days ago

    Brit Milazzo

    Ahh... fancy seeing you on here. Things are going good... just working hard here on BR. See you around!