Arre Cee

Arre Cee


I stopped being a fan of any team when the Houston Oilers became the Titans. Now I watch everybody.

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  • Andrew Prochnow posted 1606 days ago

    Andrew Prochnow

    Interesting, I kind of had the same experience with you Aree. You seem to like to dish out the criticism. Based on this other comment here, it's likely not your first time.

    I'd suggest taking a bit of a lighter tone in your comments. It comes off a little strong for a site that is supposed to be fun. Also you tend to speak down to people. If you think you have such an extensive amount of experience that you feel you are justified in doing that, well I guess that's your prerogative.

  • Aaron Young posted 2442 days ago

    Aaron Young

    Thank you for calling out my grammatical errors by the way. When you speak five languages it can be tough to get everything right at all times. It helps me improve a lot.

    The reason I'm telling you this here is because I didn't feel like it was relevant to the discussion.

    I've read some of your other comments, and you don't appear to be the same jackass that I was talking to.

    I'd love to talk x' and o's on a high level, so please, if you are ever interested in talking football - don't be afraid to let me know.