ryann cennts

ryann cennts

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  • Mical Jorden posted 742 days ago

    Mical Jorden

    Happy new Year!!!

  • mikhail kavami posted 1365 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    and we it !!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Oliver posted 1365 days ago

    Charles Oliver


  • Christopher Pacheco posted 1369 days ago

    Christopher Pacheco

    You disgusting human! Never be satisfied with ones death, never!!!!

  • MMLALA Destroys posted 1369 days ago

    MMLALA Destroys

    Stop giving Madrid a bad name, your comments are disgraceful, how can you call yourself a human being? Piece of shit...

  • Zaidi Rbendez posted 1369 days ago

    Zaidi Rbendez

    Go die in a fire you fucking heartless piece of shit of a donkey, asshole !!!

  • Frank Harris posted 1369 days ago

    Frank Harris

    I have not come across a scum bag like yourself in a while, you really are a piece of work you disrespectful buffoon. It's idiots such as yourself that stain Madrid's image as a stuck up, ignorant club.

  • Devon G posted 1369 days ago

    Devon G

    You're the main reason why I support eugenics now

  • Kunal Bhandari posted 1369 days ago

    Kunal Bhandari

    Dear ryann, die of gonorrea please, yours sincerly, f*** off

  • mikhail kavami posted 1374 days ago

    mikhail kavami

    i think we can beat bayern if we do what we did vs barca since bayern do the same as gaylona