Mike Martin

Mike Martin


Lifelong Washington Husky and Ohio State Buckeye fan. My office is decorated with memoribilia from both teams.

I grew up a Seattle Mariners fan. I was such a fan (and so single) that I used to go sit in the Kingdome night after night in a nearly empty stadium. A few times I sat in my brother's company's Press Box Level seats but mostly up in the rafters until it was obvious that certain seats behind home plate would not be taken. I sat in the 8th row, directly behind home plate for Randy Johnson's first No Hitter. I still have my ticket and the headline from the Seattle Times.

My Sonics have left Seattle, so I'm left with rooting for the Cleveland Cavs.

I'm also a sports car enthusiast and have a ton of memorabilia from that sport as well.

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  • eddie degtyaryov posted 1361 days ago

    eddie degtyaryov

    mike this is eddie please try to get ahold of me eddie.dawson39@yahoo.com or please mike

  • Edward Degtyaryov posted 2968 days ago

    Edward Degtyaryov

    hey mike

  • Edward Degtyaryov posted 2968 days ago

    Edward Degtyaryov

    hey mike

  • James Williamson posted 3104 days ago

    James Williamson

    Comment Please.

  • Molly Gray posted 3126 days ago

    Molly Gray

    And another week of college football is in the books! Check out my top 25!


  • Jared Lilly posted 3140 days ago

    Jared Lilly

    dont mention, im kind of like matt beneath, im a 15 year old sophomore and thought i was startin early.

    the kid's got talent, i think he's found his calling. I've always though English and writing were my best subjects, he certainly humbled me.

    looks like he's got good company with him though

  • Matthew Gilmartin posted 3141 days ago

    Matthew Gilmartin

    No prob. He had a good grasp on the basics of sports writing. And it really is good that he's getting such an incredibly early start in writing.

    I'm 16, and a high school sophomore, and I thought I was getting an early start on what will hopefully turn out to be a sports writing career.

    But Edward is seven years younger, and six years behind me in school. It's amazing that he's deciding to start writing instead of playing video games nonstop or something, and that's good.

  • Angel Navedo posted 3141 days ago

    Angel Navedo

    Not a problem, at all. Strong writing is strong writing, no matter what the age. Glad to hear he's got positive people around him—that's for sure.