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I was born in the heart of Appalachia. I lived on the east coast for my early years, but moved to Central Ohio in the early 80's. That's when I became an avid Ohio State fan.

My best friend was a Mets fan. His parents had lived in New York and had WWOR on their satellite in Ohio. I grew up playing whiffle ball, and imagining I was Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry. Later, my friend would "follow the players" and defect to the Yankees, but I remain a die-hard Mets fan to this day(now living in Braves country). Yes, that also makes me an Ohio State fan in SEC country.

I'd like to see a 4-8 team playoff in College Football.

There should be a 2-year minimum for College Basketball players. If they sign a scholarship - they can't enter the NBA for two years. It's not a minor league - it's college!

Enough with the 'player control' fouls in football. I know they are there for player safety, but It's not going to change a thing. We can have the UFC and fights in the NHL, but we can't have a DB smashing a WR anymore. Football is a tough sport for tough men. Helmet to helmet and spearing is one thing, but lately it seems like you can get flagged just for dishing-out a big hit. "Hitting a defenseless player"? I guess you're supposed to let them catch it, come down softly, and proceed to run into the end-zone. Can you tell I played safety?

Hope everyone enjoys the articles. I have a passion for writing similar to the passion I have for sports.

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  • Maurice Womack posted 1939 days ago

    Maurice Womack

    Are you a Buckeye? Check out to blog, comment, and connect with Buckeyes. It's for students, alumni, and fans! Go Bucks!

  • Josh Gritzuk posted 2197 days ago

    Josh Gritzuk

    Good to know you'll be pulling for the Badgers! I will definitely be rooting for Ohio St. against Florida! Big 10 definitely needs to stick together, especially against the SEC! So for now, go Buckeyes!