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Hi I've lived in Atlanta for 24 years. Love the Braves, support the Hawks, wouldn't touch a Falcons jersey with a 50-foot pole. Believe Dat!

I was born one Reagan summer on a bluff overlooking the mighty Mississippi. I learned from an early age that there are only two college football teams that matter: Ole Miss and anybody who plays State. I have rooted for other teams such as LSU and Mizzou over the years, but the aforementioned Ole Miss/State dichotomy is all that truly matters. In college basketball, I follow SEC conference play rather closely; root for Ole Miss (and now Mizzou - thanks to my g/f); and enjoy the tournament.

Contrary to popular opinion, "Who dat say dey gon' beat dem Saints" is not a flavor of the month query. I was chanting this in my grandmother's living room 25 years ago when the answer - year in and year out - was pretty much everybody. Now we have a really good team and other teams' fans actually care about when we lose. I like that.

I also like the Atlanta Braves, also known as the NY Mets' worse nightmare. And I've liked them long enough to know who Nick Esasky is. I lovingly heckled Dale Murphy in the late 80s from my parents cheap seats in RF at the old AFCS and I promise that he could totally hear me. We haven't won a lot of World Series trophies, but we do have some. We've won more than the Phillies have anyway. Although only one of those trophies belongs to the city of Atlanta, so we really need to get on that.

Man, I hate the Phillies. I hate the Falcons too, but not nearly as much as the Phillies. Falcons fans are like Saints fans who just happen to like the Falcons instead. But Phillies fans are also usually Eagles fans and that's just a sad state of affairs. I would put most SEC football teams up against the Eagles anyday. Okay I'm just trash-talking, but seriously - Philly sports teams suck. The Phillies really know how to spend $200 million on playoff losing teams though...

As far as the Mets go... well, let's just say that there's not a Mets player's name that I hear and start shuddering. Okay, maybe Robin Ventura. For about a month in October 2000. But that was a flash in the pan. You mention the name Chipper Jones around a Mets fan and things get real personal real quick. Hah!

I would talk some smack about my other teams' division rivals, but I feel sorry for most of them. The Carolina Panthers can never catch a break, but it's their own fault for believing that Cam Newton is the answer. Football is a TEAM game, son! ... Marlins fans, on the other hand, deserve nothing but pity from any civilized sports fan. Despite two WS titles, there seems to be absolutely no pride with that franchise and it's all because of their shitty owner who's completely bled them of any long-term success they'll ever have in that city. Jeffrey Loria should be stripped of his privilege to own an MLB franchise after this offseason's embarrassment. I hated $teinbrenner as much as the next guy, but at least that man was committed to his team's success.

Natitude can go to hell though. Those little kids sure talk a lot these days for a franchise that's never won a pennant. They're still the Expos as far as I'm concerned. (And that's a clown team, bro.)

I could go on about baseball. I grew up playing it and it really is my favorite sport. I watch MLB Network even in the offseason and it is the only channel on television that matters to me. After the Braves, my 2nd tier of teams to follow goes something like this: 2) Orioles, 3) Mariners, 4) Giants, 5) Royals. I'm also obliged to root for the Cardinals in the NL Central since my girlfriend is from STL, but that hasn't been easy in recent years... Yadier Molina is one of my favorite players though. That dude isn't afraid of anyone or anything and he never quits or meets a challenge that he doesn't welcome with open arms. One of my favorite memories of Yadi is in the 2011 NLDS against the Phillies. He threw Chase Utley out trying to steal 2nd by about a quarter inch in a pretty clutch moment. The ball was thrown perfectly. He turns around afterward to the Philly crowd behind the backstop at CBP with a cool smirk on his face and let's out an impassioned expletive of delight. Unlike, say, Jonathan Broxton, he's the rare personality that actually feeds on that kind of hostile, nerve-wrenching atmosphere. Gotta love it.

I guess that about covers it.... Oh right, the Atlanta Hawks! The team that quietly makes the NBA playoffs every year and doesn't do anything. I'm real mad about that. I'm also still mad about the Dominique Wilkins trade, the blown Chris Paul draft pick debacle, the lack of fan interest in the city, and a hundred other things such as the fact that the NBA has become kind of a joke amongst professional sports leagues. Whatever.

Anyway, if you write for any of my favorite teams there's a good chance that I lurk your articles.

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