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  • Alabama Voodoo posted 2603 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    Just wrote a new article Cam Newton and The Auburn Tigers Prove Ready For The SEC Championship Game

  • Nathanial Woods posted 2654 days ago

    Nathanial Woods

    It hasn't been even for years. You have Florida that doesn't come out of Florida, Boise who plays in the WAC, and really I could be on here all day listing the flaws of an "even playing field." There won't be until their are mandates by the NCAA and you know that will never happen. On top of that you have to get schools that will agree to play to that level, and we all know that will never happen. Refs are a story all their own. Also, I have to mention media darlings and outlets (ESPN) that are basically in bed with other teams and conferences. Without mandates one has to assume that there isn't a true "National Champion" until there is a Playoff.

    Now I can't go on a limb and say that Alabama is not guilty of this also. I find the SEC overrated (and overranked - LSU, Auburn, Arkansas) so saying that the conference makes up for OOC I find extremely irrelevent (Georgia, Vandy, Georgia St, lol). Still, even when scheduling, you have to prepare that years in advance, and when it comes time, the opposing team might not have the same firepower it once was.

    Now Nebraska is coming to town, which will make the Big10 a legit contender for the rights of the best conference in the nation. We're trying to better our conference as a whole, but it doesn't mean that the nation will be even (considering the Big12 will be garbage, and nothing needs to be said about the ACC and Big East, its obvious). But even with the moves we're making, will that stop the like I said to them before.....add you're name to the list. It's a mile long, and it will take hell to freeze over before I really begin to give a &^%# about why (and I still doubt I will then).