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  • D E P posted 2438 days ago

    D E P

    Trenton, that last comment was not directed towards you but rather Tim. Sorry - I might not agree with you here, but you have class which is more than I can say for him. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

  • bell ringer posted 2441 days ago

    bell ringer

    I'm glad your most memorable game was an Arkansas win.....WPS!

  • D E P posted 2444 days ago

    D E P

    Before you start posting you need to learn a bit more. No one I know has ever evaluated or analyzed a game based on where the teams wound up at the end of the season. That is simply NOT the way it works, largely because, to use TCU's example, everyone the beat got beaten so completely by TCU is knocked them out of the rankings. I. and apparently most the rest of the posters, are not following your logical connection between game day and the end of the season. All it does is makes your point even less valid. If the teams that lost to TCU are not ranked, and the teams that lost to Auburn are, that says far more about the lack of quality of Auburn's win. I have never seen an analysis on a team's seasonal strength based on year end rankings of defeated opponents. It makes no logical sense what ever.
    If you think it does please explain it to me, and why my point about the lesser quality of the wins against teams that stayed ranked.
    Perhaps it has a lot more to do with how rigged the BCS ranking system is to start. If the teams that Auburn won over are still ranked, that doesn't say much about Auburn's margin or quality of win, does it? And look at the margin of victory - TCU by 22 points, Auburn by 4.

  • Alabama Voodoo posted 2498 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    Auburn and Alabama Rivalry In Need Of a Truce and Some Mutual Respect |

  • April Davis posted 2536 days ago

    April Davis

    Hi - so you sent me a message earlier, and I barely had time to look at it before something came up. Now I can't find the message and can't even figure out how to send one through B/R. Gah!