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  • Frank Igwe posted 254 days ago

    Frank Igwe

    Wenger may have meant well to suggest to Thiery Henry to quit Sky Sports job in order to fully focus on Arsenal Junior team coaching work but that seems to be ill timed. Could there have been a better way other this? All these brings the name of the great club down. Wenger should not be an island to himself.

  • Jonah Engler posted 423 days ago

    Jonah Engler

    Great article!

  • barely pure posted 471 days ago

    barely pure

    Why use MUST in your title? Should or Could are better words to use. In sports entertainment there is never a must. If the fans aren't feeling the action or Creative can't write a convincing story line then your MUST becomes an afterthought. But use the word should, give your reasons why and convince people you are right. Saying must removes anyone elses opinion on the matter, which isn't good form.

  • Sharon Katona posted 566 days ago

    Sharon Katona

    Wow! I thought that I was the only one who couldn't open Team Stream videos! What are we doing wrong?

  • Joe Corey posted 622 days ago

    Joe Corey

    Here we go again. The video issue is back. You guys really need to get this fixed once an for all.

  • Declan Nicholson posted 624 days ago

    Declan Nicholson

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  • Peter Bologna posted 632 days ago

    Peter Bologna

    I have been subscribing to BR for years now,. but am still unable to see any videos. What's up with that?

  • Joe Corey posted 686 days ago

    Joe Corey

    Thank you for finally fixing the video issue many of us were experiencing the last 6 - 9 months.

  • Tayler Beeson posted 687 days ago

    Tayler Beeson

    What is the BR pop a shot champs personal record ?

  • Javelina Ben posted 719 days ago

    Javelina Ben

    Why are there no responses to all the inquiries regarding no video stream happening? What do we/you need to do. Please respond. You do monitor your mail don't you?