I'm currently a full-time student enrolled at Michigan State University (Go Green!), en route to earning a degree in journalism. I'm an unbelievably huge fan of all things hockey, but my favorite team is the Tampa Bay Lightning. Although I'm past my days of playing competitive hockey, I still play casual drop-in and men's league here on campus whenever I can. I hope to pursue a career in hockey-related journalism in the future and I look forward to contributing here on Bleacher Report!

Participated in the Bleacher Report Fall 2011 internship in addition to my studies.
Top Writer - NHL, Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals - Nov. 2011
Featured Columnist - Dec. 2011

Part-time contributor for MiHockeyNow.com

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  • Stefan Kubus posted 2140 days ago

    Stefan Kubus

    They contact me via e-mail. I've never been contacted by any B/R staff via the internal messaging system. Hopefully they contact you soon!

  • Matt Johnson posted 2140 days ago

    Matt Johnson

    Does B/R contact you from e-mail, or B/R messaging.

  • Matt Johnson posted 2141 days ago

    Matt Johnson

    Oh, thanks.

  • Stefan Kubus posted 2142 days ago

    Stefan Kubus

    Hmm, it should be around the corner. Things work slower on the weekends, generally!

  • Matt Johnson posted 2142 days ago

    Matt Johnson

    If I have filled out an application for B/R, and its been a week, with no response. Can it take longer than 3-5 days?

  • Stefan Kubus posted 2146 days ago

    Stefan Kubus

    Hi there, Matt. Not all of them do, but I certainly only write about hockey. It's just been a huge passion since I was a kid, so I roll with it.

  • Matt Johnson posted 2148 days ago

    Matt Johnson

    Do B/R writers solely focus on one sport? I see a couple of writers such you, and Kelly Scaletta writing for one sport.

  • Stefan Kubus posted 2180 days ago

    Stefan Kubus

    Thanks for posting, Theodore! That's a great point! Just by under-the-radar, I mean those who are on the fence, often get overlooked. It really all depends on how deep your league is. The guys you mentioned certainly qualify as "under-the-radar," and usually don't get much love at all. I'd also throw Corey Potter, Jay Garrison, and Matt Read on there, too, but I kept it to just ten. There's a great number of candidates that are off to hot starts, and who are seeing big minutes with their clubs.

  • Theodore Neesley posted 2180 days ago

    Theodore Neesley

    Regarding the under the rader article, all great players I have or would have on any of my fantasy hockey teams. But using the words under the radar for those players whats it make players like Leddy,Diaz,De Costa,Parse.Miele,Petry, those I consider under the rader. Everyone one of them plays good minutes for their teams with PP time and decent stats.

  • Stefan Kubus posted 2185 days ago

    Stefan Kubus

    Haha thanks, Charles! I wish!