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Ivan Trevino


ok, the short version of my life, Grew up in Texas, Played College Football, joined the army, went back to college, went back to Army involuntarily,got married went back to school, live in Boston.

I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan I grew up in Texas and loved the 90's. I will be a Cowboys fan for life and will never turn my back to them, and at the same time I will call it like it is with out it affecting my Love for the team.

I'm bringing this up because the Cowboys are very controversial this 2010 season, we have the talent and we're missing the wins to prove it, yet we still have the receipt showing we paid for it.

Like any good friend, father, boss, NCO, I gotta speak up and help even if the truth hurts; It hurts, but it will set you free. So I'm going to say things that will offend some Dallas Fans and some of them might not agree or understand, I'll always have facts to support any thing I say, and don't mistake me as bashing the Cowboys if I'm criticizing a player. I have extremely high standards for the Cowboys, I'm not talking about, I wanna see "X" number of yards, TD's I'm not as interested in the stats as I am on how you approach the game; your discipline, preparation, professionalism, respect, foresight, and selfless service. through out history the Teams, coaches, players who showed strength with these attributes have been proven successful and loved, on and off the field.

know it sounds like something Captain Obvious would say but it's a hard road to walk, and in today's NFL you hardly see it, and it usually plateau's when the stats become profitable .

Right now my favorite player in the league is Ray Lewis, he gives every thing and still looks for ways to improve. He's a Christian man that spreads the word of God, and I respect him more as a man then a player, and those same reasons are what makes him a great football player, leader, team mate, I would trade any Cowboy for some one like Ray Lewis.

The Cowboys are my Team but I still respect players that I see leadership in, and I do require consistent longevity with player out side the Cowboys for me to feel comfortable with putting my seal on them.

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    Blaine Spence

    Thanks for the Fan Add Ivan!

    Nice Burger...did you finish it?