Josh Gibbs

Josh Gibbs


Josh Gibbs is 16 years old and hopes to one day mooch off of his friends and family for a living. He is currently in the IB program at his high school which basically means he took really hard classes without a potential tangible (or intangible, for that matter) reward for his labor. He would now like to write a cliche blib about how he likes to write about himself in the third person.

Yes, if you do have the honor of meeting him he does say douchey things, but in a funny way. He means well. Not really. But most people like him, except for the members of his fantasy football league, because they get destroyed by him nearly every week. Viva Peyton Manning.

He's quite superstitious and believes in karma, but he loves beef. Like a lot. Like he bathes in it. He likes to golf. He loves the Seahawks and Russell Wilson wants to meet him. Yes, you read that right.

He applied to write on BR when he was 13 and again when he was 14, got rejected both times and is still bitter about it 4 years later. He has an evil-genius plot to protest outside their San Fran HQ if he ever finds himself in San Fran. He likes to comment on articles here and get into flame wars with 49ers fans.

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  • Mike Bormann posted 2476 days ago

    Mike Bormann

    hey Josh, you seem like a smart kid with a lot of life experiences already (moving to china!) good luck on writing for BR. im sure you'll get in!