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  • Southern Patriot posted 1513 days ago

    Southern Patriot

    One bit of advice. Do not use profanities and vulgarities (FU), (STFU), etc. in the postings. The moderators are sometimes slow to monitor but when they do and they see such things, they can make your posting problematic in the future with numerous ways, including your postings disappearing shortly after you posting them and this going on for a month or more. If you wish to post more strident worded responses, make sure you are on a Crimson Tide blog, there it will be tolerated much more. On a LSU blog, Auburn, etc. you will not receive the same leeway.

    I have been through this myself and have had some fellow Marines also experience this, so it is just a word of wisdom from a veteran poster. Have fun with it, but not too much fun at the expense of others...that seems to be moderator's point of view.

    Semper Fi !