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  • Scott Clodfelter posted 2554 days ago

    Scott Clodfelter

    UNC will land either Curtis Grant or Stephone Anthony and could possibly get both. The Tarheels will also sign Savon Huggins. Your obvious bias toward Florida and other SEC schools clouds your judgement. I expect you to acknowledge you were wrong when they sign with the Tarheels.

  • Lew Hege posted 2555 days ago

    Lew Hege

    Can you have professional writers do these articles? This guy is negative and uninformed. Richt won 90 games his first 10 years at Georgia-- that is better than either Auburn or Alabama over that span. And tell us AU, what bowl did you go to in 2009?

  • Ralph Lantz posted 2563 days ago

    Ralph Lantz

    I agree with some of your selections regarding disapointing clases with the exception of Boise State. BSU has never signed a 4 star recruit but they continually have ranked in the last four years in the top 25 at season end. Boise State wants players that are coachable and team players and not individuals concerned with status. Which is typicvally not four and five star recruits. Those guys are all about themselves.

  • Jeff H posted 2567 days ago

    Jeff H

    Cincinnati is in the Big East, not C-USA -

  • frank kopich posted 2567 days ago

    frank kopich

    When did Cincinnati rejoin Conference USA?