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David Rush, long time sports enthusiast, owner TheDailyMunson

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  • John Bush posted 2495 days ago

    John Bush

    Hey David I was wondering if I could have you on The Chris Gros Show at WKTN Knightcast, UCF's Student run radio program for an on-air interview concerning the Jet's offseason plans and draft strategy this Friday anywhere from 2-4. Email me back at CGrosUCF@knights.ucf.edu. Thank you and sorry for the short notice.

  • Greg Pearl posted 2517 days ago

    Greg Pearl

    Hi David,
    The em-dash is created by typing SHIFT-OPTION-(dash) on a Mac keyboard and ALT-0151 on a PC (hold down ALT while typing 0151 on the numeric keypad).

    (Unfortunately, if you're working on a PC without a numeric keypad, you'll have to copy and paste em-dashes as necessary. Here's one to get you started: —)

    On another note, it seems the same article that led to this conversation on dashes has been submitted again and is currently waiting in the editing queue...was this deliberate or a technical snafu on our part?


  • Dave Dalby posted 2543 days ago

    Dave Dalby

    David--where in fact did your article on the top 20 HR hitters go? I got an email that someone had responded to my comment but when I went to my page nothing was there. I had to enter the link into my browser to find???