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  • Bleacher Report posted 3097 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    My latest submission. Let me know what you think.



    Andy P

  • Tim McGhee posted 3104 days ago

    Tim McGhee


    You write good stuff. Please write again.


  • Andrew Cahill posted 3186 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    A Story From A True Patriots Fan...check this one out...


  • Brian Scott posted 3265 days ago

    Brian Scott

    Check out my latest - A little something for the bleacher creatures!


  • RedRaider Red posted 3318 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    Hmm.. yeah. We did create a little history of our own.

    I still can't believe COLD Mccoy is a Heisman runner-up. Whatever.

    Anyway, I didn't graduate.. attended the ceremony for my graduating friends. Me graduating this coming summer.

    Jan 2... when will you come??!!

  • RedRaider Red posted 3323 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    Oh.. congratulations! What was ur major?

    I was there.. but attended only the grad studs part coz I dinno any undergrads tht were graduating.

    So whats next? Moving out of Lubbock?

    Going to grad school?

    About Harrell.... did you see his points? No wonder they didn't invite him.. it wasn't the Heisman committee's fault... its the voters.... ARGHH

  • RedRaider Red posted 3327 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    Nopes.. can't afford it.

    You have fun and create a lot of noise for me!

    BTW, Harrell just won the Unitas Golden Arm award.. yay!

    Harrell didn't get an invitation to the Heisman awards... BOOOO.

  • RedRaider Red posted 3329 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    Yay! I'm free! Vacations.. here I come!

    So you going for the Cotton Bowl? Student tickets go on sale on the 11th.

  • Lou Vozza posted 3329 days ago

    Lou Vozza

    Thanks Gail. Nice year by the Raiders. I really enjoyed watching them. Guess they just ran out of bullets at the end there. That game they played against Texas was an all time classic.

    It's tough to get left out of the NC game, but just remember, it takes just as much luck to make the final of playoff. It's still only two teams getting in.

  • RedRaider Red posted 3342 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    If only it worked that way.

    Coz at least 3 of those 112 teams are gonna get a BCS bowl and we're not.

    e.g. ACC champion, Big East champion, Pac-10 champion if its Oregon State, also Ohio state if OR St. doesn't make it.

    Its not that I'm not proud of our team for being 10-1... its just all the effort they put in to get to 10-0 was wasted by that "1" in the loss column. Its 10-4 effectively now. To be frank I kinda felt violated that day.

    Anyway, herez hoping to some luck this weekend... already put up a new disp. pic reflecting the same.. haha! Afterall, don't forget... OU was hoping the impossible in 2006 when they needed the defending national champions, Longhorns, to lose their last 2 games to unranked K-State and aTm so that they can clinch the Big 12 south and guess what.. it happened!

    Nothing is impossible. I am back to glass half full!