Kameran  Baldwin

Kameran Baldwin


My name is Kameran Baldwin, I live in Pensacola, Florida.

I am a Senior in High School with big aspirations of being a Doctor (OB/GYN) in the future.

I will attend the University of South Alabama in the Fall to study Pre-Med and start my long road to being a Doctor.

I am a HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fan. It is by far my biggest passion in life. Living in Pensacola, I am like one of the very few Eagles fans down here, everyone is Saints or Bucs, and I HATE it. I plan on living in Philadelphia as soon as I finish my studies. I have been a fan of the Eagles since 05 when they played the Patriots in the Superbowl, Which is the year I began to notice Football. Every since that loss, I have not missed an Eagles down.

The Eagles are heavily in my heart, and will have a major role in my life the rest of my life. Year in and year out, I stick by my team even when we have those 6-10 record years, Each year I always believe the Eagles are the best team in Football no matter what and always believe we will be at our ultimate goal, which is the Superbowl. Im really excited about the future of this franchise, and I believe more than ever that this upcoming season, will be OUR season. FLY EAGLES FLY, ALL DAY !

I am a fan of every Philadelphia team, I love the Phillies and like the 76ers.
But in the NBA, my number one team will always be the Boston Celtics, I am a huge huge fan of the Celtics, It will never be as big of a passion as the Eagles, but its up there.

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