I am currently a Featured Columnist for college basketball here at B/R, but I have also covered many other sports, which includes MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, college football and MMA.

You can find more of my work at Oncampussports.com and Rantsports.com. I also help run MidnightRecap.com.

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  • S S posted 1935 days ago

    S S

    Re conference relevance. If one is to compare conferences using numbers, such as how many teams were in the NCAA Tournament, perhaps using percentages would be more meaningful than just the number of teams. For example, which is better... 7 teams in the dance from of a 16-team conference or 6 teams from a 10-team conference? Stated another way, 44% or 60%?

  • Vince Rochman posted 2055 days ago

    Vince Rochman

    did u delete the satrting lineups article on the nba draft front page?

  • mike jones posted 2062 days ago

    mike jones

    I'm curious, what did you mean by "inconvenient" about the ACC being in Canada? Should Air Canada sponsor an arena further north, like say...Portland? Milwaukee? Minnesota? Or perhaps put funding towards the new Seattle arena? Should have at least mentioned where you're coming from, because the only towns in the US better than Toronto are LA and NYC.

  • Will L. posted 2091 days ago

    Will L.

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Trevor! Also, really enjoyed your piece about Rip. My confidence in Hamilton has gone back and forth throughout the season, probably a product of battling age, injury and ultimately inconsistency. But I really love the Bulls and hope they take the East!

  • Gary Gilmore posted 2478 days ago

    Gary Gilmore

    Trevor, Houston picked up Phoenix's first round pick in the Aaron Brooks deal. That pick is lottery protected, which is where Phoenix is headed, so Houston will instead receive the Orlando pick that you have listed as 23rd. Any thoughts on who Houston might pick in that spot?

    I would have posted this on the mock draft article, but don't seem able to do so.

  • Jeff Benjamin posted 2526 days ago

    Jeff Benjamin

    You can't be that ignorant, can you? Please explain your reason for calling Nebraska the 1997 National Champion. At best they are co-champs... a split championship. If any team is to be singled out as THE National Champ it would be Michigan. They came into New Years Day the #1 team and won the Rose Bowl. The most respected of the polls, the AP Poll, immediately crowned Michigan the champs, which they held by themselves for a couple of days until some shady voting by some coaches shocked the sports world. (A couple of coaches dropped Michigan to #3 after the Nebraska win to help Tom Osborne retire with a Half-Championship.) You aspire to be a WRITER, and yet you ignore the AP/Writers Poll in favor of the Friends of Tom Osborne Poll? You have a lot to learn. Your choice of Schumacher over Senna shows your age and lack of sports knowledge beyond the last 10 years or so. I realize you're in college, but that's no excuse. You shouldn't be writing about the past 25 years. You should stick to the last 3 or 4 until you've learned more about the 90's and before.