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  • Kevin Vaughan posted 1796 days ago

    Kevin Vaughan

    Hey Mike Luck had nothing to do with bamas skill. AJ is a much better QB than he gets credit, (unless you listen to Musburger drooling over his GF LOL). Saban is an amazing coach, like him or not. I hope this was the first battle in a 5-10 year war between Saban and Kelly. Just think with the playoffs after next year they could see each other a lot. I hope. Cheers, Happy New Year and of course Go Irish! Hope to see you in Pasadena.

  • Kevin Vaughan posted 1797 days ago

    Kevin Vaughan

    Taste best served raw thank you. I underestimated the layoff and the three out of four year experience that played a big role. Bama won this battle, I look forward to the next, as I think Kelly and Saban are stating a long war. Can't change the way I feel about the Irish being back and the great season we just enjoyed. Can't wait for Spring ball and the position battle between Gunner Kiel and Golson. Golson had to show up last night and did not. Bama d had a lot to do with that.

  • Brian Frisch posted 1797 days ago

    Brian Frisch

    Pretty sure you have me confused. I predicted 24-23 the entire time. We got beat bad last night. Kelly didn't invent any new plays, Alabama decided to single cover Eifert, eliminating the rest of our WRs, and Barrett Jones beat Louis Nix. Our whole defensive scheme is built upon bailing out the secondary with extra LBs, but we couldn't tonight. Well done Alabama (although I will say that fumble in the first was absolute crap and that first catch by Eifert that wasn't even reviewed is crap too. At least review it and then say you were right, but its the NCG, you should try and make sure you are right)