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I have been an on-and-off racing fan since I was 10 (except for NASCAR which has always seemed pointless to me). I used to love to watch the Indy 500, and have bought and tuned cars to street race (many years ago when law enforcement would just yell at you and fine you $50, not now when you have to engage a law firm just to keep your license). Now with so many ovals on the indy car circuit and my renewed interest in F1, this kinda bores me too -- the cars just look to slow. I have matured in recent years, but still lust after the fast cars that I can not yet afford -- what I buy I would still have to drive to work, and a Ford GT or a Lotus just doesn't go that well in rush hour or in snow.

I loved F1 in the 90's but when you work 70 hour weeks, you just don't get to find the time to follow it. Its not much better now -- I only work 40 - 50 a week, but have two kids, both under twelve and both in scouts and sports. However, they purchased Gran Turismo 3 form me some years back for Christmas and followed it up with GT 4 two years ago. THAT got the juices flowing again. When I get free time and I am not watching a F1 race, I am driving my ass off in GT. Yeah, it isn't the same thing as driving the real cars, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper. Every time I mention that to my wife, she rolls her eyes, agrees, and lets me drive some more. At any rate, I started following F1 again starting in 2007 with the US Grand Prix, and have not missed a race since -- although the kids delete the qualifying off the DVR on occasion. I think I may have corrected that though.

No real favorites right now, but I lean to the older guys (Rubens in particular). However, I love to see the new talent like Vettel and Glock.

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  • Lola Judd posted 3112 days ago

    Lola Judd

    What are your picks for the 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans? It is one of the last great races.

    My picks:

    LMP1: #8 Peugeot 908 from the factory Team Peugeot Total squad with Michelin tires

    drivers S├ębastien Bourdais, St├ęphane Sarrazin, Franck Montagny

    LMP2: #25 Lola B08/80 from the British RML team with a turbocharged Mazda I-4 with Michelin tires

    drivers Chris Dyson, Thomas Erdos, and Mike Newton

    GT1: #63 Chevrolet Corvette C6.R from the factory Corvette Racing team with Michelin tires

    drivers Johnny O'Connell, Antonio Garcia, and Jan Magnussen

    GT2: #92 Ferrari F430 GTC from the new JMW Motorsport team with Dunlop tires

    drivers Rob Bell, Tim Sugden, and Andrew Kirkaldy

  • Zander Freund posted 3205 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Hey Craig,

    I'll make sure that we updated the F1 Team Tags ASAP. Really appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  • Sheiban Shakeri posted 3207 days ago

    Sheiban Shakeri

    Hey Craig,

    The leaders can only really post messages on the F1 page. If you want to add in a tag, talk to Zander, he's pretty good with this :)

  • Tony Castaneira posted 3216 days ago

    Tony Castaneira

    A pro?

    Wanna know a secret?

    Anybody can be a pro.
    I am working on a story about how a came to be the host and executive producer of a racing television show.

  • Tony Castaneira posted 3217 days ago

    Tony Castaneira


    i know there isn't much info yet but that is all I have.........for now.

  • Tony Castaneira posted 3217 days ago

    Tony Castaneira

    More info on the other American F1 team.

  • Mosang Miles posted 3218 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Strange about the photo Craig. No problem on the edits!

  • Ian Walsh posted 3218 days ago

    Ian Walsh

    Please read "drivers will". it's an old article, but a great pre season pice.