Tony Marks

Tony Marks


I'm the guy you'll love to disagree with, but will always listen to. I make the points nobody thinks of. In the end, everyone comes around.

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  • William Corcoran posted 2459 days ago

    William Corcoran

    Like the profile, can't wait to talk some shit on here...

  • jeremy batista posted 2502 days ago

    jeremy batista

    dilfer was a joke. who is ya?

  • Fred Kelley posted 2508 days ago

    Fred Kelley

    I don't even want to think about it! Check it out, if Shane wins, all of a sudden everyone is a contender at JR. Welterweight and Welterweight. All the guys I said aren't ready for a p4p title shot are instantly ready. Berto, Alexander, Khan, Bradley, Angulo, heck even Cintron and Maidana. I truly believe Shane is washed up, if he wins it would kill the minute possibility of a Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Because Mayweather will say "I already beat Mosley". I don't think it will happen, I see Manny dominating Shane but it is a plausible thought. Shane is the slickest and fastest boxer Manny has faced in a long time.

  • Troy Sparks posted 2510 days ago

    Troy Sparks

    Sorry about that. Next time I will give you credit.

  • Fred Kelley posted 2512 days ago

    Fred Kelley

    Heck yeah Tony! I can't wait till Mayweather gets his block knocked off, but as a fan of the sport of boxing and a true devotee to the sweet science, that guy is amazing and it makes me sick. Love to hate him, but I have bought every one of his PPV’s. As far as opinion, of course, I never claim to be a journalist. I'm a columnist, opinion is my shtick. Hopefully some will agree and hopefully it inspires folks like you Tony, to use your god given right and tell me where to shove it. Debate is good. Thanks for the post, look forward to future comments.

  • Tony Marks posted 2529 days ago

    Tony Marks

    Shout out to the greatest Quarterback of all time. Brett Favre, I hope he's not done yet.