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Chirp Derp Maple Syrup

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  • Championship Material posted 1339 days ago

    Championship Material

    Yo whats up mate? you still around on here?

  • Rollins4Life posted 1395 days ago


    Thanks! I really hope Sandow can get back up soon.

  • Mrs Black posted 1396 days ago

    Mrs Black

    LOL, that happened because when i pressed the button it kept freezing :) glitches aplenty around this site.

  • He's not even in 2k14 lol

  • Who said anything about the pre show? Riley doesn't wrestle on pre shows he wrestles in main events in front of the million...... AND MILLIONS A-Ryoholics jam packed in the New Orleans Superdome.....just watch kid you'll see it happen

  • Mrs Black posted 1397 days ago

    Mrs Black

    Hey there, my apologies for lateness but thank you for the add :)

  • Yeah he truly has revolutionized the Raw pre and post show for the better. It's good he cracks your top 100 but that will change eventually once he regains his WWE Title at WM 31

  • Rollins4Life posted 1398 days ago


    New review.

  • So do you not like Alex Riley no mores?

  • Do you like Alex Riley?