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  • John Nardi posted 1742 days ago

    John Nardi

    I couldn’t have said it better. I completely agree. The time is now for the Bengals. Not seizing this opportunity would be a travesty (by ‘opportunity’, I mean signing Wallace)

    Even if it means Wallace is the only FA they sign, (other than their own) they would still be in great shape with 3 of the top 53 picks.

    And it’s not as though I necessarily think Wallace is worthy of a $10-12 million contract in any situation, or whatever he’ll undoubtedly command. In Cleveland, getting Wallace would almost be like putting lipstick on a pig. Miami, too.

    But with AJ Green, it just enhances his value…and Green’s value. For that reason, I’d pay no attention to his price tag. He doesn’t quite fit anywhere as nicely as he would alongside Green in Cincy.

    But if they get Wallace, then as soon as the rules within the CBA allow you, you sign AJ Green to the richest contract extension a WR has ever been rewarded. The dude is a certain hall of famer and better than Wallace and should make more money than him.

    If that offense were coordinated correctly and executed by the players well, they’d be almost unstoppable, particularly if they could find a RB – like if Lacy were as advertised and they took him at 21.

    Nowadays, with free agency and the possibility of guys leaving, windows of opportunity close that much faster in this league. If they can get him and Wallace together, even if it was only a 3 year deal, if healthy, I think the Bengals would be Vegas’ odds on favorite to win the AFC the next 3 years, especially if they improve the starting RB.

    I think Wallace is smart enough to see how perfect that fit is, and also wants to stick it to the Steelers, so I think they have a pretty good chance of getting him. Dolphins want him too, so you just hope the weather doesn’t bother him. Being from Mississippi, he may want to play closer down south.

  • Jay King posted 1754 days ago

    Jay King

    Hey Austin, what's your opinion on Lattimore, If he's healthy, I think we could very well grab him in the 3rd. Your thoughts?

  • Reed Domer-Shank posted 1796 days ago

    Reed  Domer-Shank

    Thanks for the like man. WHO DEY.

  • Alex Peterman posted 1841 days ago

    Alex Peterman

    Hey man, I appreciate the like on my Bengals article.

  • Derrick G posted 1894 days ago

    Derrick G

    Thanks for the like on my week 4 Power Rankings article.

  • Dustin Murrell posted 1904 days ago

    Dustin Murrell

    Hey man, glad you enjoyed my Bengals article after Week 2, I rarely write about football so that was encouraging!

  • Sean Stull posted 1946 days ago

    Sean Stull

    Who dey!!!!

  • Sean Stull posted 1946 days ago

    Sean Stull

    Austin i think you and me have commented on more bengal articles than anyone else lol

  • Chris Roling posted 1986 days ago

    Chris Roling

    Thanks for the praise man.

  • Matt Macfarlane posted 1991 days ago

    Matt Macfarlane

    Hey Austin, I agree entirely about Robert Turbin! the guy is a stud, and a total steal for the Seahawks in the 4th round. I'm glad too see there are fellow fans around that see his potential.