Ryan Wolcott

Ryan Wolcott


I currently work as a weigh master at a quarry in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but that is just a means to survive while I finish my education. I have my Bachelor's degree from Temple University in history and political science. I am currently a student at Arcadia University seeking my Masters of Arts in Education to teach secondary social studies education. I plan on teaching once I complete that certification requirements and the degree. I have aspirations to get my doctorate in history from the University of Wisconsin in order to publish some non-fiction works and teach part time in an evening university.

I am also an avid sports fan, primarily for the Philadelphia Phillies and Green Bay Packers. My mom is from the Philadelphia area, and my dad is from Wisconsin. I never saw myself as being a sports journalist, but I do enjoy it. My education has given me an ability to analyze facts and generate assessments of those facts. I do hope to someday publish fictional novels under the name of Walter Mathow Cownty once I establish myself as an educator and a historian.

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  • Alec Snyder posted 1819 days ago

    Alec Snyder

    Hey Ryan, glad to have you back on board as a Phillies FC! You probably don't remember me, but I started writing here near the end of your first go-around. It's great to see you back! I look forward to reading your work once again.

  • Mack Dreyfuss posted 2512 days ago

    Mack Dreyfuss

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  • Jesse James posted 2527 days ago

    Jesse James

    I am pretty sure Wood was traded to the Yankees last season?

    "...after earning $10 MM for the past two seasons for the Yankees..." is inaccurate wording.

  • Greg Pinto posted 2554 days ago

    Greg Pinto

    Just dropping by to become a fan, Ryan. (Not sure how I haven't yet!) I really enjoy your baseball articles. Look forward to reading more in the future!


  • Joseph Campbell posted 2564 days ago

    Joseph Campbell

    In your "10 Reasons Phillies Can't Risk Playing Hard Ball With Cole Hamels" article, in slide 5 of 12, you mention J.C. Romero as on of those young pitchers "that desire to be starting pitchers" with the Phillies. Since Romero is neither young, nor capable of starting, or pitching to anyone other than left-handed batters, I'm fairly certain that you meant J.C. Ramirez, one of the less than stellar prospects that Rube picked up for Lee last year. Otherwise, nice article!

  • Ryan Wolcott posted 2571 days ago

    Ryan Wolcott

    Since I just wrote my first article recently, I'd like to know what people think. All comments are welcomed and appreciated.