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I'm a lifelong basketball and baseball fan and a huge Raptors and Blue Jays supporter.

They say those who can't play coach, but I've decided to write instead. Sports are my passion and I love to write, so here I am on Bleacher Report.

My love of sports came from my father, watching Blue Jays games together on TV are some of my fondest childhood memories and when the Raptors became Canada's team I was instantly drawn in.

I'm going to publish articles as often as I can and want to say thank you for checking me out. I hope you liked what you read and if so come back soon to read some more.

I always enjoy hearing from fellow sports fans and sports writers. If you saw something in my articles that you particularly enjoyed or that stood out to you don't hesitate to drop me a line and let me know, all compliments, suggestions and constructive criticism is welcome!





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Toronto Raptors #1 Top Writer - May 2011


Internship with the "The Majors Southern California" Tuesday March 8th 2011

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  • Erik Hausen posted 2207 days ago

    Erik Hausen

    Hey saw you liked one of my comments and then I looked at your bio and noticed I've read quite a few of your articles and I see you are just as big a raptors fan as I am. I am interested in how you got started with Bleacher Report. Would like to start writing some articles myself. Any advice?

  • Lauren Dautel posted 2274 days ago

    Lauren Dautel


    I know exactly how you feel! I honestly have been having a hard time trying to figure out what to write about with this lock out. Silly players and owners, why do they have to make life so hard?

    Thank you so much! That means the world to me. It's just a little place where I fling out my ideas and opinions and sometimes they come out weird, but writing is so much fun for me so I'm going to stick with it. I'm thinking about applying as a writer but I definitely am stuck as to what to write about for the application, and I have to make sure it's good. We shall see! I would definitely LOVE to write for Bleacher Report though.


  • Lauren Dautel posted 2274 days ago

    Lauren Dautel


    I read your article titled "Toronto Raptors: Free Agency is Not the Answer" and loved it, then went on to read a bunch of your other articles. Love them all. Definitely will be following you.

    Can't wait for more articles!


  • Justin Vaughan posted 2355 days ago

    Justin Vaughan

    Hey I am a really big fan of your articles and am also very interested in writing as well. I was wondering if there were any tips you could give me because I was rejected once and don't want to be again. I wrote a slideshow? Do you think it would be better to write a non slideshow format? Anyways any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  • Max Minsker posted 2405 days ago

    Max Minsker

    You too man.

  • Ethan S posted 2475 days ago

    Ethan S

    If you haven't already, you should get in touch with Rich Fernandes. Good guy, great writer, and currently lives in Toronto. I think you and Rich would have a few things to talk about regarding Bosh/Toronto.

  • Konstantinos Charitopoulos posted 2502 days ago

    Konstantinos Charitopoulos

    I'm trying to make a good article! A European - American comparison one!