Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan


I'm 30 years old and I have lived in the NY/NJ area since birth. My one true passion in life (aside from my family) is baseball. I enjoy hockey and football as well, but nothing compares to baseball in my world. To me, it truly is America's Pasttime. Baseball is the only sport that persists all year long... The Hot Stove is just as exciting as the first five months of the season. It's also the only sport that keeps growing statistically. Speaking of which, I am a member of the Society for American Baseball Research, but as of now, I do not have enough time to participate as much as I would like. Perhaps in the future, that will change. Anyway...

I am a Yankees, Devils and Giants fan. Gotta root for the home teams!!! I used to be a Knicks fan, but I gave up on basketball when Patrick Ewing missed that finger roll in game 7 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Championships against the Pacers, ya know that play where he could have easily dunked the ball and tied the game with seconds left, but for some crazy reason, thought he should be stylish!?!? I haven't been able to get back into the sport since.

I love commenting and debating on this website. This is a great site for fans to get a chance to communicate and share their ideas and perspectives. Hopefully one day, I can contribute with some articles. (Too busy at this stage of my life). I believe my ideas are well educated, and I always enjoy when my ideas are challenged with intelligent rebuttals. Hope to debate with you soon!!

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