Nick R. Brown

Nick R. Brown


Nick R. Brown is an avid sports fan, journalist, blogger, and policy analyst. He grew up in North Atlanta in a family of Georgia Bulldogs, and began his writing career in part by covering UGA football for his college newspaper.

Brown spends his days working in the area of high technology public policy. He is a freelance tech reporter at The Daily Caller, contributor at, blogs at his websites and, and has been featured or quoted numerous times in various newspapers and online publications like Open Market, SiliconAngle, Red State, Heartland Institute, and the Sprinfield News-Leader.

Brown has undergraduate degrees in journalism and political science and a Master of Public Administration from The Florida State University. In his free time he enjoys scalping Gators and and humiliating Big 10 fans while watching as much FSU, UGA, and SEC football as possible.

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  • michael geer posted 2197 days ago

    michael  geer

    Nick, loved your America Doesn't Understand Tebow column. It is very well written, succinct on a tough topic and straight to the heart of it with the subject of "works". I am also very concerned that the media is setting him up - intentionally or not - for a spectacular takedown, but then I stopped and considered that a man like Tebow, so obviously given to God might very well be used by God to explain Christianity to America, again, through a Tebow fall and redemption. It makes my palms sweaty to imagine such a thing, but I KNOW the MSM is even at this moment digging digging digging for something, anything to smack him a fatal blow. But fall things work together for good, to them who love the Lord, and God's record of flipping seeming defeat into victory, flipping the most crushing shame into glory is littered throughout scripture. So it got me to wondering if indeed Tim is being set up in order to show forth the glory of redemption. I pray daily for Angelic protection of Tim, I pray every day for his safety. But he is so wholly given to his Lord, I'm pretty sure our Lord has bigger plans for him than we can conjure. Your column is an important bulwark against that day.