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Guess I'm your average old Bleacher Report contributor. Thank you and you're welcome!

I'm Joye Pruitt formerly known as and I currently reside somewhere in this beautiful country of ours. I love to write and it is as simple as that. Ever since I was little I walked around with a blankie and a pen and a pad. No seriously. Before I could form words, I would scribble.

But, that's not really what you want to hear about. You want to hear about the aggressively fanatic side of things. My favorite team in sports is the Miami Heat (with the Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers tying at a close second). I have always loved basketball, football and everything else that involves analysis and game play. The Miami Heat are so enticing because of how confusing and manipulating they can be throughout the season. They are unpredictably excellent. What's better than that?

The NBA as a whole excites me. Where amazing things consistently happen, right? I just sit back and wait for the miracles to trickle in.

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  • LBJ FOR PRESIDENT posted 1619 days ago


    marry me?

  • Phillip Johnson posted 1700 days ago

    Phillip Johnson

    What are you talking about for legal troubles for Le'veon Bell? That's a blatant lie, he has been in no trouble at all. Learn your facts before you write, please.

  • bill feehan posted 1700 days ago

    bill feehan

    Girls that into sports, kinda hot!

  • Chris Lender posted 1759 days ago

    Chris Lender

    Ya Scalabrine or Jordan

  • Baiser Batard posted 1761 days ago

    Baiser Batard

    Scalabrine or Jordan?

  • bBALL JUNKIe 21 posted 1807 days ago

    bBALL JUNKIe 21

    Some good articles also

  • bBALL JUNKIe 21 posted 1807 days ago

    bBALL JUNKIe 21

    joye i really like your picture,you're really beautiful

  • Thegreat1 posted 1810 days ago


    lmao @ Chris Bosh. good luck heatles. lol

  • Thegreat1 posted 1810 days ago


    Go Lakers. lol

  • David Burrell posted 1819 days ago

    David Burrell

    JOYE!!! were u at I been waiting for u to write another article...Let's go @HEAT