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  • Kevin Joyce posted 2188 days ago

    Kevin Joyce

    Also, his other TE is Hernandez, not Welker, who you listed twice. Just saying.

  • Kevin Joyce posted 2188 days ago

    Kevin Joyce

    Woahh there, someone's getting a little touchy huh? Calling me a "stupid boy", was that really necessary to drive your point home? Also, I am not one of the "dumbasses who plays on Peyton Manning's jock" as you so eloquently put . . . And what do Brady's past defenses have to do with anything? I was only talking about this year, not their entire legacies - and you also never addressed my point about the running backs - all you did was bring up some point about Gronkowski's TDs that I won't refute at all (it's true he has a lot of touchdowns) because they don't hurt my running backs argument. Also, I never said I thought Aaron Rodgers was having a worse season than Brady, but you said, "Just face it that rodgers and brees have taken over for brady" as if I had talked about Rodgers in that way. And how do you know Brady would have more INTs? All I did there was list some numbers that I thought were salient, while you threw out some baseless conjecture. I will patiently wait for a response, and I hope you will actually address my argument, and please, this time, don't fill your response with crude name-calling if you can help it. Thanks :)

  • Mike Shannon posted 2353 days ago

    Mike Shannon

    I only noticed your comment about 6 months after you posted it.

    You're wrong.

    Have a nice day.