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  • bestowadeel bestowadeel posted 2106 days ago

    bestowadeel bestowadeel

    I am very much interested in reading post. This blog was really an awesome site which I had never found it anywhere. Lots of stuff in this site !

  • Nick de la Torre posted 2160 days ago

    Nick  de la Torre

    Hey John check the picture for your last article.

  • David Persons posted 2186 days ago

    David Persons

    That is a powerful and moving article you wrote about your friend Sean, and some of the best writing that I have encountered online in a long, long time. Excellent work.

  • Marc M posted 2250 days ago

    Marc M

    Hey John how's everything, hope all is well. Actually wanted to ask you something since you probably have the inside scoop on these types of things lol. With the additions of these new teams, do you think the SEC is going to reformat to SEC East teams only playing other SEC East teams and likewise with the SEC west? That would mean the historic games like Florida-LSU, Alabama-Tennessee, and Georgia-Auburn, would all be lost and I really don't want to see that happen, and hoping that it doesn't. Just wondering if you had any thoughts.

  • John Patton posted 2296 days ago

    John Patton


    Thanks for your well-thought-out post. I really appreciate it. Very insightful.

  • Marc M posted 2309 days ago

    Marc M

    Hey John this is in response to your quote,

    "So, I'm using history as my backup there, as well as with the one I'm sure will bring out the orange and blue venom. And before you want to string me up, remember, I have UF going 6-1 in these games."

    Yes I know us Gator fans tend to get a lil uptight about these predictions but I'd like to think I'm one of the nice ones as well as a realistic one. No venom and I don't have any nooses for you lol. Actually I'll prove my practical approach by saying you may be giving us too much credit at a 6-1 prediction.

    UAB, FAU, Furman? yeah I think we take care of them possibly running away toward the end but could still be interesting going into the third 3rd.

    Alabama, hate to say it but i'm expecting a loss there, just don't have quite enough for them just yet I totally agree. I don't think they are going to run over us but probably a loss.

    Now Tennessee? that's a tossup for me. We could lose that one. They were in diapers last year. Alot of youth, not deep, and new coach, but this year things are more settled and the quarterback situation seems to be more solidified. Diaper year for us though. Could lose it, but i'm giving us the edge since we have them at home, *crosses fingers*

    Kentucky we win it I believe but gotta play them up in bluegrass country so the crowd will be up for it especially since they have a good chance, we're young and they got us at home, two touchdown lead at the end.

    I know you didn't mention them in your post but LSU? South Carolina? We could get it handed to us, both have more veteran oriented squads and we have both on the road. Those in my mind have the potential to be ugly. I hope they aren't lol but it could happen.

    Just some thoughts man and sorry if that post was a lil long. Diehard Gator fan and alum here and love talking about and analyzing my team. You have any scores predictions for any of these games?

    Great article by the way.

  • John Patton posted 2326 days ago

    John Patton

    To Chris Briggs: that was an editing error. I had it right. I was inadvertently changed during the editing process.

  • Chris Briggs posted 2326 days ago

    Chris Briggs

    Just wanted to mention that, unless I'm missing something, in your "5 Biggest Non-Conference SEC Games" article you reference FSU and UF as rematching in 2006 with the national title on the line..... Wasn't that 1996? No offense, but you're asking for crazy UF fans to scream and yell at you (as you reference in your article) with a mistake like that.

  • Mark Hastings posted 2366 days ago

    Mark Hastings

    Florida blows dude

  • Alex posted 2373 days ago


    I see a lot of similarities between the 2006 NC defensive front seven and this year. Big/Strong DT’s, athletic DE’s and quick LB’s. Of course, that’s what I see, actuality might be different. Throwing this at you… would like to know what you think.