Max C Sconyers Jr

Max C Sconyers Jr


Well, here is the short version. Born in Alabama on a farm to a large family. Eldest son, middle child, mom taught me to play football while my dad was in graduate school. Thus I kick with the wrong foot.
Played football 15 straight seasons, including three years at Auburn.

I was a walk-on 5'-10" and 210 pounds and, though smallish for an offensive lineman, I fared pretty well. I Captained a JV team that beat an Alabama JV team on Legion Field in Birmingham, with Bear Bryant barking up a storm, hounds tooth cap and London Fog flappin’ in the wind and rain, on their sideline for the second half. Having driven over from Tuscaloosa at half time when he got the news they were losing to us. That was the height of my college career.

Engineer by education (but not by personality), kids grown, divorced and re-married.
Train hunting dogs and an avid outdoorsman, scuba, deep-sea fish, hunt & camp.

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  • JAKE SANDBERG posted 2344 days ago


  • Jesse Guffin posted 2521 days ago

    Jesse Guffin

    Max this might sound stupid but one of my best friends dad raises and trains all kinds of dogs and I just had to tell you from exp that dog is beutiful. It looks to be in good shape and everything and thats very rare to see lately. Sorry for the rant.

  • Ben Vanoy posted 2523 days ago

    Ben Vanoy

    Max--the reporter from the Montgomery Advertisor was Blair Robertson--just to clarify

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2524 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Thanks for bringing the Ramsey story, it is intriguing to say the least. Excellent Work!

  • Alabama Voodoo posted 2532 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    This is it all you need to know how we feel this is the back or the Auburn Family postcard:

    "If you think an added ink blot bears any serious significance to an addict like me, you are wrong. If you’ll feel better about yourself, as a man, because you figured out a way to push back the heave in your throat by throwing punctuation at Cam, take your best shot. He'll beat you ... again."

    Sincerely, Max