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I have been a Duke fan all my life. I was born and raised in Durham, NC and played my High School ball at Jordan. Although I love Duke basketball, I am a basketball fan first. I recognize talent and love talking ball no matter which teams are part of the conversation. Besides talking basketball, I enjoy the NFL as well. I go to at least one Panthers game a year down in Charlotte and have been a Panther fan since 95'.

I am always open to debate but can't stand ignorance. I understand people 'hate' Duke but I would prefer you actually have a legitimate reason, and quite frankly there is no reason to hate a group of kids who are very talented student athletes, who have an unbelievable work ethic both in the class room and on the court. Achieving excellence is something that should be appreciated not hated.

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  • All Day posted 1744 days ago

    All Day

    Haha, WOW. Every sentence of your statement is absolutely incorrect. I'm sure this is why you were not brave enough to post this in a public forum. Guess that's the way of the "U"

  • The U. posted 1744 days ago

    The U.

    Duke sucks at everything except Basketball, sorry we're still better than you guys at that too. There are ugly people on that campus. Miami owns Duke and your little puny college.