Jake Hughes

Jake Hughes


I hail from a town not far from SW London and have been a Southampton FC fanatic since birth. Having a father such as mine, I had no other choice.

I also have a love for combat sports - both MMA and boxing.

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  • Mohamed Al-Hendy posted 2274 days ago

    Mohamed Al-Hendy

    Current state of the Egyptian national team: sad. very, very sad. Bob Bradley has a huge task ahead of him, the golden generation is over and the new generation doesn't look as promising, even though there are a couple of nice talents who've popped up over the years.

    Do I think he'll succeed? Honestly, I dunno. He has to overcome the language barrier, deal with players with egos much bigger than the ones he had in the US National Team, find new talent, monitor the form of the players in the Egyptian Premier League (meaning he'll have to spend alot of time watching Egyptian Premier League games), and more.

    The old coach, Hassan Shehata, was viewed as a father figure by nearly everyone in the squad. With the language barrier, its very unlikely that that'll happen with Bob Bradley, especially since the Egyptian team is pretty old right now anyway. But maybe that's not a bad thing. The players seemed to lose the motivation to perform towards the end of Shehata's era because they werent afraid of getting dropped, they thought Shehata would stick with them regardless of how good or bad they performed.

    Bottomline: Bradley may end up being a huge failure, or he may revolutionize Egyptian football. He definitely has a tough road ahead of him though.

  • Ned Harwood posted 2387 days ago

    Ned Harwood

    Hey Jake. Good article on Juan Agudelo. Living in NY, I get to see the kid play every Saturday at RBA. Have to say the hype is unreal. Also would like to welcome you to the BR community. I'm still pretty new to the scene too, but if you got any immediate q's I'd be glad to answer them. Cheers, Ned

  • Iain Swan posted 2397 days ago

    Iain Swan

    Good article Jake, how did you get the chance to write for the Daily Mail? That is some I would love to do .