I grew up in Michigan and Colorado. I have always loved sports, in fact my mother tells me that my first word was "ball". I played six years of football post high school. I played volleyball and made the basketball team at a nearby community college. I even played one season of second division rugby in Arizona. I am a passionate fan of sports who enjoys writing about them.

I am recently married to my lovely and wonderful wife. I have a son named Lincoln who is a stud football and baseball player.

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  • Courtney Shultz posted 2356 days ago

    Courtney Shultz

    Hi James, thanks for checking in with me! In answer to your question about acronyms, they are only permissible to use in stat lines. Otherwise, they always need to be spelled out in running text.

    And thank you for asking me about "defenseman." You are correct, "defenseman" is how it should be. In your article, spell check marked "defensemen" (with an "e") as incorrect though and noted it should either be "defense-men" or "defense men." Following your question, I checked with our Copy Editor Coordinator, and he indicated that "defensemen" should be correct as one word as well. I will go back into your article and make the necessary corrections. Thanks for calling that to our attention!