Joseph Sudberg

Joseph Sudberg



Journalism student at Hofstra University, Mets, Jets, Knicks enthusiast.

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  • Chad Minton posted 2446 days ago

    Chad  Minton

    Thanks for the edit!

  • Rudy Dominick posted 2451 days ago

    Rudy Dominick

    Thanks for the edit and feedback

  • Giulio Romano posted 2451 days ago

    Giulio Romano

    Thanks for the edits and good comments. Have a great week

  • NIcholas Waugh posted 2455 days ago

    NIcholas  Waugh

    Hey, I have a question. Although I like to write, I still sometimes have issues with punctuation and grammar. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions here and there to better my usage of some grammar and punctuations? If not, then I understand, but I thought I might as well ask anyway.

  • Alex Snyder posted 2456 days ago

    Alex Snyder

    Thanks for the edit and the hyperlink note.

  • Stephen Meyer posted 2459 days ago

    Stephen  Meyer

    Thanks for the feedback Joseph and I appreciate the kind words. Take care!

  • Craig Holland-Greenfield posted 2460 days ago

    Craig Holland-Greenfield

    Thanks for the edit and feedback .
    Thanks very much for the serial comma tip too, i'm always happy to know what not to do next time.

  • Dan Renfro posted 2470 days ago

    Dan Renfro

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Randy Chambers posted 2472 days ago

    Randy Chambers

    Thanks for the edit and feedback. It's greatly appreciated!

  • Alex Snyder posted 2472 days ago

    Alex Snyder

    Thanks for the edit!