Carlos Perez

Carlos Perez


I really enjoyed my time here in Bleacher Report but I have been lock out by Roberto Alvarez-Galloso. Roberto is a fan of Barca and often writes articles about Real in which you can tell his displeasure with the team. Every now and then he reports on some news writen about Real to balance his negativity about the team and hide his attacks. That is when he is not just repeating some news he heard or read.

So, in this webpage that is mustly Arsenal fans ( great fans) second by Barcelona fans (some good some not) fans of Real Madrid are constantly defending the club from Barca fans and writers like Roberto.

So, I'll be one less Madrid fan in an already small group. My voice is drown out by someone with all the power to do so. Like in some countries we hear about.

To the good Barca fans I'll say you have a great team and it represents Spain well. They make me proud. Specially Mr. Iniesta.

To Madrid fans I'll say this is our year. We have a tremendous team.

Hala Madrid forever.!

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  • Nick L posted 2409 days ago

    Nick L

    My favorite Madrid Fan! Tell me what you think! Cheers

  • Carlos Perez posted 2456 days ago

    Carlos Perez

    Checking the articles. Identifying haters. Calling out the pendejos.

  • Carlos Perez posted 2478 days ago

    Carlos Perez

    La Liga is currently the best ligue in the world.