My 3 passions are professional wrestling,Alabama football and poetry. Professional wrestling reflects something that grabbed my heart and imagination as a kid and never let go. Alabama football is like a religion. Poetry is where all of my creativity,personal emotions and ideas come to life through the awesomeness of words. Writting about professional wrestling sounds intriguing and I might consider it one day,but for now my passion is too strong for poetry. If interested,here is a shameless plug: If plugging is against the rules,please notify me and I will remove it.

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  • Chris Humphrey posted 2239 days ago

    Chris Humphrey

    Thanks for liking my WWE PPV article, IMissMarkingOut! Of course, it's very much appreciated and hope you enjoy my future articles just as much as this one!

    - Chris

  • Maria Cane posted 2248 days ago

    Maria Cane

    Check out the NEW November MC Report analyzing an approach on the outcome of Rock vs. Cena at Wrestlemania. Comments, retweets, anything is appreciated!

  • Chinmay posted 2509 days ago


    Hello, here my latest work. A complete tribute to the Undertaker. Give it a read and feedback as and when possible.

  • Marc Mattaliano posted 2513 days ago

    Marc Mattaliano

    Hey there, check out my new article. The links between NWO and Nexus should usher in a rebirth for the black and yellow. Check it out:

  • IMissMarkingOut posted 2527 days ago


    A WWE movie gets a good review?

    Today's Variety gave a very good review to WWE's That's What I Am starring actor Ed Harris and Randy Orton. Orton plays the father of a school bully and is called "pitch-perfect" in his role. Variety described the movie as "Agreeable, uplifting and earnest almost to a fault."