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  • Ash McGravy posted 2075 days ago

    Ash McGravy

    Have spoken to Darcy re: his 30 day suspension. Not sure if you have heard, but Bleacher doesn't like some of the things he has said. If you want to know what happened or want to join the campaign to get one of the best bleacher writers back, contact me.

  • shane boyle posted 2083 days ago

    shane  boyle

    yes well if you had the intelligence to read my comment right and take it in the right context you would realise that my comment meant being cham[p isnt the only factor in having a great career.

  • shane boyle posted 2084 days ago

    shane  boyle

    i just wanted to reply to your stupid comment about brocks ufc title run. yes they are all there to try become champ but like i said. brock got an undeserved push because of his wwe fame, and then went on to beat a weak heavyweight champ in randy couture. if you think his very short following title run made his career great then you are a very deluded person. just watch his fights, brock never dominated his opponents even even he won, whereas he was often dominated by his opponents and made to look very weak. i mean dont get me wrong, i enjoyed brock in the ufc, but when you talk about great careers you think of silva, rampage, lidel, griffin, wanderlei, these are great careers, and the main thing they all have in common is that they were all fighters,something brock really cannot claim to be, the guy just didnt have the skills to make it in the ufc.

  • Chris Humphrey posted 2140 days ago

    Chris Humphrey

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Sadfas - It's much appreciated and hope you continue to enjoy my articles here on Bleacher Report!