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‘Twas nigh four years ago that the Tony Kornheiser Pimp Cartel Cartel unified in a DC computer lab amidst the realm of PimpsLord. Since that epic day, the Cartel has firmly established itself as Purdue University’s most successful College Bowl Trivia Team ever (one of the nation’s best), profligate wasters of inborn academic talent, and universally accepted sports authorities.

It was this last honor that spurred us to transfer our opinions from mere vocal discourse to the Internet, where all can share.

Why Tony Kornheiser? He has no affiliation with this site whatsoever. But we came to greatly appreciate him through reading his books some five years back… and more influentially we were in DC when we formed our Cartel. Wilbon’s Quintuple Squadoosh emerged as a rival faction to our Cartel in years past; a pathetic, weak, delusional faction at that (but we love Wilbon himself, too).

We hope that you like our site, and we hope that Tony would like our site if he were to ever stumble across it. We have a lot planned for the future, so please keep checking back.

Check out the site: www.kornheiserscartel.com

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