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Oliver is a graduate from West Virginia University,and also from the Bleacher Report internship program. Currently he is a first-year Law Student at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Alabama.

Originally he is from Valparaiso, Indiana which is about an hour east of Chicago.

Oliver grew up rooting for all teams from the Windy City. He is a big sports fan, whether it's NFL or college football, NBA, and NCAAB.Follow Oliver on Twitter, @OCrawfordIII

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  • Michael Walker posted 1933 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Hey, Coach! How'm I doin so far? I'm in the B/R U program getting ready for my third assignment. If you had to do a top 10 of all time, any suggestions?

  • Oliver Crawford III posted 1960 days ago

    Oliver Crawford III

    Michael, I just fixed it thanks for pointing that out! I didn't catch that, and that won't come up on the check because it was spelled correctly. I appreciate that!

  • Michael Walker posted 1960 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Third paragraph, third word shoud be from, not form. Only you can fix it, right?

  • Michael Walker posted 1960 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Well done! (Check your spelling on the third paragraph)

  • Oliver Crawford III posted 2045 days ago

    Oliver Crawford III

    No doubt, he won't block five, but he is going to alter about 10 in a game.

  • Kelvin Lee posted 2045 days ago

    Kelvin Lee

    Yea what I was saying is that he looks a lot more NBA ready. I mean you can't expect Anthony Davis to block 5 shots per game in the NBA...