Dan Collins

Dan Collins


Hello everyone!

I actually am not new to B/R from a technical standpoint. I was accepted by B/R in May to be a sportswriter for the website, but lack of motivation and creativity held me back from even writing an article. However recently, I rekindled my passion for sports analysis/sportswriting when I heard that there would be an NBA season. With that said, I welcome you to my sportswriting center!

I'm trying to get a daily blog going soon so I can offer more analysis than I already do on B/R. It should cover the NBA, particularly the Chicago Bulls. I hope to offer a more detailed, professional work than I see with some sports bloggers.

I have lived in Chicago for all of my 17 years of consciousness, and during that time have developed an enormous passion for sports. I wasn't around to see any of the Cubs' world series victories. Heck, I don't think anyone of this site was! I also wasn't around to see any of the Bear's nine championships, and save a few, I don't think anybody on this site seen more than two. I still envy those who witnessed the mythical Bulls' dynasty; I was too busy playing with tonka trucks from 1996-1998!

Still, my passion for Chicago sports just doesn't stop on this site. I still play football on the high school level, have attended numerous Chicago sports games, and participate in a myriad of sports debates daily with friends and family.

Check out my work!

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  • Nicholas Belmont posted 2122 days ago

    Nicholas Belmont

    Word, bro. You're actually one of the better writers I've seen here, even though you're new. You use proper grammar and you check your stats and facts. Can't ask for much more in a sports writer, can you? Keep up the good work.

  • Bob Bajek posted 2127 days ago

    Bob  Bajek

    Thanks for fanning me, Dan. I'm glad you enjoy my writing. It's fans like you that make writing on Bleacher Report worth it. Bob