Avinash Giridhar

Avinash Giridhar


Passionate LFC fan, have followed them constantly for almost a decade now.

Istanbul 2005 still remains one of the most cherished moments and memories of my life.

Enjoy reading about LFC and soccer in general.

Cricket and Tennis are the other sports I follow.

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  • Pradeep Kumar posted 2195 days ago

    Pradeep Kumar

    Hey Avinash,

    Check out my new article..


  • Aran V.Singh posted 2196 days ago

    Aran V.Singh

    The hating on Evra is pathetic to be honest. End of. No defending our own players by denouncing the abused player.

    If this was another team you wouldn't denounce the player on the end of a racist mark. Why does it make a difference if it is a Liverpool player. ???

  • Naz O. posted 2210 days ago

    Naz O.

    Decent statistical read :

  • Naz O. posted 2210 days ago

    Naz O.

    He is worth 15 M. I don’t think we need to invest that amount in DM . 8M should be enough o 10M max. Tomas Rincon is a decent option -I would even suggest Mohamed Diame of Wigan ( people seem to ignore him), he has EPL experience, good stats , his contract expiring this summer. Should come cheap –less than 5M.

  • Naz O. posted 2211 days ago

    Naz O.

    Sorry mate just saw your post . Porto's Fernando is a very decent DM. Problem is that Porto (and all portoguese team for that matter )will not sell cheap - i.e below circa Euro 15 M . They have a continuing policy of buying ( every year) young South American talent and developing them into top class for the club's long term sustainibility .This policy cost them money and they will look to recoup good some of it .

  • livpfc 4 ever posted 2211 days ago

    livpfc 4 ever

    fantastic way to some up the performance mate, just to add, sperao was fabulous, city next....

    just 2 changes from the line up vs Newcastle, gerrard in for adam and suarez in for andy carroll.

    pretty disappointed with the transfer rumors mate, gary cahill and darren bent are not worth 33 million....

  • David Hendrick posted 2213 days ago

    David Hendrick

    Hey Avinash. I think that's just a recycled story to be honest. We looked at him last January but I honestly don't think we have an interest this year. Not LFC material IMO.

  • livpfc 4 ever posted 2213 days ago

    livpfc 4 ever

    Fantastic victory mate!!!!!!!

    captain is still our best player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your thoughts...

  • livpfc 4 ever posted 2214 days ago

    livpfc 4 ever

    fantastic points made mate,

    considering the blackburn game, well mate, wigan are a team who have been on the rise, blackburn have been by far, the WORST team in the league by some distance, so there is a bit of difference there, so our worst performance IMO was spurs 4-0 and then Blackburn, anyways that's done and dusted now...

    comming to adam and hendo, well it is a disaster waiting to happen, spearo is not liverpool quality, i hate to say that, so we dont have a DM, gerrard again on the bench, so my biggest worry is adam and hendo vs tiote and cabaye, a good DM and a world class CM up against two average CAM, (hendo WILL develop into a fine player) but as of now, he is lost most of the time to call him fantastic, our defense will be given a lot of headache by demba ba, our attack should be downing on the LEFT, not RIGHT, maxi playing right flank and carroll and bellars forming the big man little man combo up front.

    you have given carroll way too much credit than he deserves, mate he had 3 chances of note, one which FELL towards him, which should have been finished. the other one was a well taken chance which GK made a fantastic save, and one was a good header from him, but mate seriously. 3 chances in the entire match, is that good enough, now i m all for supporting carroll, but we expect better from this player, forget his price tag, this is not the andy carroll which use to terrorize and bully defenders, he looks out of sorts, where is his thunderous left boot???? remember his goal vs city...

    i think his work ethic should increase, and full backs should cross a bit better, especially enrique, he gets into so many good positions to cross...

    for me it should be




    ---------------------------------------ANDY CAROLL-----------------------------

    well seriously i m confused, i dont think this is the best 11 we can put up, but adam has had 2 shocking games, so needs to be benched for this game, and bellars is best on the wings, so how can we accommodate maxi???? he has scored enough to start games, seriously mate i m confused....

  • livpfc 4 ever posted 2214 days ago

    livpfc 4 ever

    hey mate!

    if you think that our wigan performance was the poorest by Liverpool, next game was even worse...

    to me charlie adam and jordan henderson partnership is a disaster waiting to happen, now after the wasteful camolli transfer window activity, we are left with 4 CAM, gerrard, adam, hendo, shelvey. 2 CDM, lucas and spearing, out of these only 2 are top 4 caliber, lucas and gerrard, both of them are injured, well, stieve has just returned

    hendo WILL develop into a fine player but as of now, he needs to be a bench player not a regular starter, adam, also a 2nd choice not a first choice......

    the only positives i saw was performance of downing, and return of gerrard.

    we need a DM, RW and a ST.... and NONE of them should be form the premiere league... if i want to sign a prem league player, it has to be carlos tevez

    lucas podolski, lucas mourra, yann m villa, the players i want... with them, our defense, captain stieve and luiz, league title next year...

    what are your thoughts for today, newcastle??