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Rafa Nadal


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  • Andrew Williams posted 2303 days ago

    Andrew Williams

    Rafa where are you. It real quiet on the B/R without you around.

  • S R posted 2349 days ago

    S R

    Such a coincidence that just the day Vee Jay's article appears, your account got inactivated. I won't be surprised if she engineered your being banned so that she can sneak out to have some fun in your absence. She can't help herself tirelessly repeating over and over "Fed fans are delusional". She only backed off after I announced that I reported on her to BR. I can almost feel her pulse stop. The vicious verbage has also been curbed. Payback time? Anyway, see you back soon, I hope.

  • Venkat Sundaram posted 2353 days ago

    Venkat Sundaram

    I like you. Your posts are hilarious and spot on. Keep up the good work.

  • Peter Dreach posted 2355 days ago

    Peter Dreach

    Tim's failed predictions are up on the Wimbledon Nadal v. Djokovic article.. right after your post. :-)

  • Pete Stanford posted 2392 days ago

    Pete Stanford

    SubbaramanS is Too-dumb Timmy I strongly believe. Read his comments and let me know your thoughts. Also did you see my update on Ruffin becoming a storm chaser yet?

  • S R posted 2406 days ago

    S R


  • Caleb King posted 2408 days ago

    Caleb King

    Honestly I would feel ashamed if I were you, First you brag about credibility, how no one has countered your theories...... no when I have you decide to act like a chicken. Typical for bodybuilders, tough on the outside, but inside there is nothing :)

  • Caleb King posted 2409 days ago

    Caleb King

    This is from the ATP finals
    Wonder what your reaction will be, confronted with many links, numbers, statistics, and video evidence that prove your theory to be blatantly wrong? Good luck :)

  • Caleb King posted 2409 days ago

    Caleb King

    There is the link fo the IW final. Look at Nadals serve speeds troughout the match.
    As the mythbuster would say : myth BUSTED !
    Please restrain yourself from writing false allegations regarding Nadals serve as you have been proven to be absoulutely wrong. Embrace yourself for the domino effect :)

  • Caleb King posted 2409 days ago

    Caleb King

    Australian Open

    US Open


    Here are the stats for all rounds, try to notice the consistency on both the deuce side as well as the advantage side. Take any other players serve pattern and you will notice the same consistency, or maybe you you claim that every other player is on PEDs LOL. I think this pretty much summs everything up and throws your steriod conspiracy theory in the water. Why is it so hard to admit that you were wrong, at least about his serve ? I assume you that you will turn to insulting and cowardness in your response, which is not surprising from somenone who is pushed against a wall due to the inability to answer one simple question that has taken all your credibility away. Numbers dont lie Rafa Nadal numbers dont lie :) Good luck