Kenny  Shulsen

Kenny Shulsen


Father, Husband and Sports Nut. Dodgers, Jazz, Titans, PGA Tour, UFC, NHL, NCAA FB & BB, English Premier League, Fly Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking and more. Graduate of Utah State University with a Masters Degree in History.

I'm stoked to be a part of the bleacher report team. I write because it's fun, they let me and I am fascinated by the general public and their diverse opinions!. I appreciate people who portray a what you see is what you get persona. I promise to provide readers with an argument based on statistical data and common sense, you may not agree with me but I also vow that you will always be given the opportunity to have your voice heard.

That being said let's keep it hospitable in my domain. No baiting or personally attacking other commenters, politics, religion, playing of the race card or other nonsense will be tolerated. If that's what you are into take it somewhere else, there are plenty of outlets for your type.

This is an arena for passionate sports fans to gather to have fun, laugh, debate, talk schmack about any sport, pop culture, random movies or whatever floats your boat. It's going to be a fun ride and I can't wait to see what BR Nation comes up with in the future. We will stand as one of the few voices of reason during a period of our history that can only be described as bizarre.

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