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  • Tyler Duma posted 2025 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    By the way, nice article on the sell high options. I have two guys on that list, Harper and Alvarez.

  • Tyler Duma posted 2025 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    Sorry for such a late reply. I went with Lincecum and Cespedes but he left the trade on the table until Pujols hit that home run yesterday. Then he took him off the block.

    Someone in my league dropped Josh Johnson so I immediately swiped him. What do you make of his early season struggles? Doesn't look to me like he's having the same troubles as Lincecum (velocity drop and command issues). It looks to me like he's just struggling to locate his pitches.

  • Tim Karan posted 2029 days ago

    Tim Karan

    Hey Tyler,
    For as frustrated as people are with Pujols, I still think his name brings "star" players. I feel like only Gordon, McCutchen, Harper, Wilson and Lincecum really have that appeal. You could certainly try the other guys, but if I was trading Pujols, I wouldn't be able to justify it for someone like Derek Holland or Jordan Scafer.

    I would try something like Lincecum and Harper first (if Harper gets called back down, then you basically get Pujols for just Lincecum). But I think it might take like Lincecum (or Wilson) and McCutchen.

    Thanks for the question, man.

  • Tyler Duma posted 2029 days ago

    Tyler Duma

    Hey Tim, quick question. Guy in my league put Pujols on the block and wants an outfielder and a starter. My outfield right now is Alex Gordon, Andrew McCutchen, Adam Jones, Bryce Harper, Yoenis Cespedes and Jordan Schafer. Starters are CJ Wilson, Derek Holland, Matt Harrison, Tim Lincecum, Matt Moore, Ryan Vogelsong, Johnny Cueto and Mat Latos.

    What can I offer him that's reasonable and not going to screw me?

  • Tim Karan posted 2094 days ago

    Tim Karan

    Hey Amber! Thanks for fanning me back. You've definitely got a head start on me, though, and I can see why. That athletes acting story? Pretty brilliant. I was glad to see the Gordie Howe commercial get recognized. And I do work for the Trib, but my beat is way the hell up in Kittanning. I've heard the name Jeremy Boren, but I don't think we've met. You worked in Pittsburgh politics? I guess that explains how you ended up in DC?

  • Amber Lee posted 2096 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there! I meant to fan you the other day, but I must have clicked over to your article and completely forgot :) Anyway, thanks so much for reading & fanning me on here—I really appreciate the support. I see you work for the Trib—do you know Jeremy Boren? I actually have no idea if he still works there...but I used to know him back when I worked in politics in Pittsburgh.